Make adorable and trendy NEON hair bows or bowties!

You'll need some material.
(think old sheets, tablecloths, even shirts!)

You'll also need:
Sharpie markers
Hot glue/gun
hair clip or pinback
scissors (always)

Step 1: Color Your Pattern!

Start with thin, non stretchy white material.  About 8 by 10-12 inches.
(you can do smaller, you will just get a smaller bow...)
Stretchy material would work, but you'll have to hold it tight while coloring.
You could use old t-shirts...sheets, tablecloths, whatever...
I'm all about recycling and free.

Use Sharpies or permanent markers to color on the fabric!
It's like watercoloring because the ink bleeds a little.

Any pattern you like!  Chevrons, arrows, anchors, polka dots...even just scribbles!
And you only need to fill the center about 6 inches wide and 4 or 5 inches tall.
<p>i really had fun making this craft/bow.</p>
<p>love it</p>
Now that you're a finalist in the print and dye challenge, you should add pics of your daughter wearing them! Brilliant instructable and I see many possible alterations of this awesomesauce idea!
Love it
I see men's bow tie possibilities :D
Great idea and child friendly!
Cool! Good luck in the print and dye contest! :)
These are so cute!

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