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Before you start you want to get all your materials ready. What you will need is sharpies, nail polish color(s) of your choice and a top coat.

Step 1: Step 1

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Take off any nail polish if on fingers and prepare your nails for them to be done.

Step 2: Step 2

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Now paint your nails the color of your choice. Remember do not use a dark color for your nails just in case the sharpie does not show up.

Step 3: Step 3

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Wait 10-15 minutes to make sure your nails are completely dry.While you are waiting pick what color sharpies you want to use.

Step 4: Step 4

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Now choose a sharpie(s) or your choice and put any design you want. While using the sharpie(s) careful that you do not touch anything immediately after or else the sharpie will smudge.

Step 5: Step 5

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Wait 5-10 minutes before putting on your top coat. If this time slot is not enough time you can always wait longer.

Step 6: Step 6

Now you and all your friends can admire your fabulous sharpie manicure!!!


Coolloom (author)2015-08-19

But it's permanent

gabriellerb (author)Coolloom2015-08-19

It comes off with nail polish remover it is not permanent. Thanks for looking at my page!

seamster (author)2015-08-19

Very clever, thanks for sharing this idea!

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