Quick, sustainable flame from a Sharpie Marker

Step 1: Get a Sharpie Permanent Marker

I forgot to put this back in the office at work and while I was outside smoking, (yeah, I know I shouldn't smoke) I felt it inside my pocket

Step 2: Fire It Up

Apply a flame such as a lighter or a match as BAM!!! Sustainable, reusable, portable flame!!! have no idea how long it burns yet but I'm gonna do some more testing....

Step 3: Blow It Out and Cap It Off

When finished starting a fire or doing whatever your gonna do with it, simply blow it out and cap it off!!! Ready for use again!!
<p>When the Zombies attack the Office, I'll be ready :D</p><p>Really cool little hack. maybe some Tin-foil to help with the whole melting hurdle?</p><p>Grats on your 1st Instructable; Hope to see more :D</p>
<p>What? Who knew! </p><p>Did the marker keep working like normal after being lit? I'm curious if the felt fused together or anything weird like that.</p>
it still writes.... well, sort of... lol
it did start to burn into the plastic a little, but blowing it out and letting it cool a bit I was able to put the lid right back on
it still writes, just a little messy.. lol
Great idea! I'm putting one in my &quot;Go to Hell&quot; kit.

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