Sharpie Survival Torch





Introduction: Sharpie Survival Torch

Quick, sustainable flame from a Sharpie Marker

Step 1: Get a Sharpie Permanent Marker

I forgot to put this back in the office at work and while I was outside smoking, (yeah, I know I shouldn't smoke) I felt it inside my pocket

Step 2: Fire It Up

Apply a flame such as a lighter or a match as BAM!!! Sustainable, reusable, portable flame!!! have no idea how long it burns yet but I'm gonna do some more testing....

Step 3: Blow It Out and Cap It Off

When finished starting a fire or doing whatever your gonna do with it, simply blow it out and cap it off!!! Ready for use again!!



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When the Zombies attack the Office, I'll be ready :D

Really cool little hack. maybe some Tin-foil to help with the whole melting hurdle?

Grats on your 1st Instructable; Hope to see more :D

What? Who knew!

Did the marker keep working like normal after being lit? I'm curious if the felt fused together or anything weird like that.

it still writes.... well, sort of... lol

it did start to burn into the plastic a little, but blowing it out and letting it cool a bit I was able to put the lid right back on

it still writes, just a little messy.. lol

Great idea! I'm putting one in my "Go to Hell" kit.