Sharpie Tie Dye DIY


Introduction: Sharpie Tie Dye DIY

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Learn how to make these Sharpie Tie Dye shirts with Annelise and Julia. You can use this technique on pillow covers, canvas bags, canvas shoes, etc. Happy Crafting!

You will need:

A white t-shirt

Rubbing alcohol

An eyedropper (can also use a spray bottle)

Permanent markers

Cookie sheet or cardboard to place between the layers of the shirt

Remember your color combinations when applying the marker: Purple + yellow or green = brown; blue + orange = brown; green + red = brown. Use colors beside each other that are complimentary for the best results: blue + green, yellow + orange, etc. And lastly, green bleeds to yellow and red bleeds to pink.

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    4 Discussions

    This is a great technique! Very nice work, thanks for sharing your video :)

    1 reply

    Thank you Seamster! We had so much with this technique and love getting to share it on Instructables! :)

    This is so cool! Finally a Tie Dye technique I can do without buying anything special! I think this will be my next project! Thanks for sharing it :)

    By the way, I love your rats!

    1 reply

    Thanks Kozmicblues69! So happy you enjoyed our video...and yes, we love our rats too, they are the sweetest! :)