Sharpie Wall Art





Introduction: Sharpie Wall Art

I love art and I am really picky so usually the art I want is out of my price range. I decided to try out a sharpie art after researching it online and I was estatic! I got the exact look I wanted.

Step 1: Old Window Frame

I bought an old window frame from craigslist for $10, spray washed it and was considering painting but the I felt like the old paint gave it more character so i just sanded it lightly, added one very light coat of polyurethane I had from a previous project and started on the picture.

Step 2: Sharpie Time!

I bought 3 different glass pen sharpies in slightly different oranges. Fine point, medium and broad. All the pens were somewhere between 3-4 dollars. I printed out a free flower clipart I found online in multiple sizes piecing them together to make 3 different sized flowers on what would be the front side of the frame (this way you don't have to worry about touchy fingers and your artwork will be on inside against wall) Tracing carefully and adding a little big of freestyle I finished my art work in less than 30minutes. I waited an hour and tried to smudge a small corner out of curiosity and nothing! Go sharpie!



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    That's a terrific idea, simple yet I doubt I would have thought of it first. Thanks for sharing it. I will attempt a version of my own for the holidays.

    Great job. I've been wanting sharpie art on my walls, but was never brave enough to draw it on the wall itself. This solves my dilemma

    That's an awesome way to try out art! It's also just awesome art.

    That's awesome! I would have never thought of this! I like art that turns out looking great when when people like me have no artistic talent whatsoever. Great job!

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    I agree! I am far from an artist myself but it just looked so cool I had to try it and so happy it turned out, thank you!