Shattered Tv Prank





Introduction: Shattered Tv Prank

Step 1:

Download image of shattered led screen and save the image to use drive or sd card. I used my blueray player to view my shattered led screen picture.

Step 2:

Once you have saved your image set it as your background on your favorite phone, laptop, or tv. Great prank if you really want to get someone worked up!



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    10 Discussions

    hahaha goinna prank my family :D

    i know what im doing later today

    perfect. I can even carefully lay the monitor on floor for my husband to find when he comes home from work. mmmuuwwhhahahaha

    1 reply

    "Oh no it's shattered" says husband and picks it up and throws it in the trash.

    "Ummm.. it is *now*" says you :)

    That would freak someone out