Shaving Brush





Introduction: Shaving Brush

Shaving brush with a solid wood handle.

Step 1: Stock

Piece of wood stock.

Step 2: Drill

Drill a hole to receive brush head.

Step 3: Turn

Turn the stock to a cylinder shape.

Step 4: Turn More

Turn to desired shape.

Step 5: Trim

Remove excess.

Step 6: Sand

Sand smooth.

Step 7: Finish

Apply a finish.

Step 8: Glue

Apply a coat of wax and epoxy the brush to the handle.



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    Nice project, but where did you get the actual brush bristles? And how did you hollow out the wood to receive the brush bristles?

    In Step 2 it showed him drilling the hole to accept the bristles. In terms of attaching the brissles, Step 8 says, "Apply a coat of wax and epoxy the brush to the handle". From the chose of words here, (brush instead of bristles,) I can only assume that they were pre-made and he just cut the top off one you'd buy in a shop and stuck it to the handle he made but I don't know. Regardless, the end result is awesome but I would still be interested in knowing his actual method and wether I am wrong or not.

    You can buy the brush insert at fine woodworking stores or over the internet at sites like Penn State Industries.

    Very nice brush and instructables. If you add some pictures of securing the hair it would be perfect. Thanks again and keep up the good work.