Shaving Cream Marble Art





Introduction: Shaving Cream Marble Art

By Krystal Cooper

Step 1: What You Need:

Elmers Liquid Glue - Approximately one bottle

Barbasol or any brand Foam Shaving Cream

Food coloring

Step 2: Mix!

Mix the bottle of glue and shaving cream in a bowl until thoroughly blended together.

Step 3: Scoop It Out!

Once mixed, scoop the mixture out onto a sheet of poster paper and level it out to about the size of printer paper in the middle.

Step 4: Food Coloring Time!

Add drops of any color around the entire shaving cream surface!

Step 5: Design It!

Take a fork and drag it through creating swirls, zig-zags, etc.

Step 6: Marbling Time!

Grab some poster paper and tear it in half, lay it on top of the shaving cream and make sure to press down every part of the paper.

Step 7: Peel It!

You may need a partner for this part! Hold the bottom poster paper down while your partner pulls directly up on the other paper.

Step 8: Final Product!

And there you have it! Shaving Cream Marble Art!



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