Shaving Cream N Dyes Envelopes and Notecards


Introduction: Shaving Cream N Dyes Envelopes and Notecards

My envelopes are created with shaving cream and dyes or acrylic paints. You will need a 9 x 13 shallow pan in which you put shaving cream to cover the bottom and take dye ( I like using food dyes) or acrylic paints and squirt on top of the shaving cream.  I like working with one, two, or three dyes at one time.  Stir the mixture and now  take an envelope and lay down on top of design and press lightly.  Lay on top of old newspapers and wipe off excess mixture ( I use the edge of a giftcard to remove excess) and can put back in pan to remix to make another design.  After a while you do need to empty the pan and start fresh.  Next let dry and then once dry iron and you are finished and have some beautiful items to give as gifts or keep for yourself! 



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    Those look wonderful. The recipients are bound to love them...

    Oh, how lovely! I love how soft the swirls look on the paper. I've done something similar to this using mineral spirits, and then cutting out unique shapes to hang from a dowel rod as a mobile. [Huh, I reeaally need to post all my 'ibles. :P)] =^..^=

    I have heard of this before! I would love to see some process shots.

    Very nice, thanks for sharing!