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No seams to sew and very little blocking. What is not to like about knitting Shawls and Socks?

The shawl is called Trinity Stitch. It is a pattern I downloaded from a website whose name I cannot remember at the moment. Of course since I finished knitting the main body of the shawl, the pattern seems to have taken a walk. The edging is called Fireside Lace Edging and is a reprint from Piecework Magazine by Interweave Press. The pattern called for edging or fringe. When I discovered the edging pattern before I finished knitting the shawl I immediately envisioned it on the shawl. I cannot resist fringe! Can't help it, I love Fringe! This shawl has both. I like it, I hope you do too.

The socks are knit with two colours of very fine yarn. The pattern is from the Lux Knitting Book circa 1952. I first knit this sock pattern in 1989 when I was quitting smoking. I immediately fell in love with it (the first socks I had ever knit)I have my Mother-In-Law to thank for it. She gave me my first photo copy of the pattern and when she passed away I inherited the Lux Knitting Book from her. Once you knit the cuff on these socks they seem to knit themselves. They are very easy and all the men I have knit them for wear them often and love them!

I have been working diligently to use up some of my yarn stash. I am not allowed to bring more yarn into the house until I reduce it by at least 1/4. You can only give away so much yarn befor it starts to hurt. I am presently working on a shrug for my daughter for her wedding the beginning of April. That pattern is from Lion, and so far it is coming along beautifully. I will try to get some pictures of it posted before the end of the week.


stinkymum (author)2008-02-12

What a wonderful old knitting booklet! Your like me, I am having a hard time not buying new yarn until I have made a huge dent in the yarns I already have! I may just have to knit afghans for the rest of my life!

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