Shawl Made With Sue's Alpaca Yarn


Introduction: Shawl Made With Sue's Alpaca Yarn

This is a large shawl, made with a simple lace stitch, from fine hand-made alpaca yarn. Its color is the natural color of the fleece used in its creation. Sue raises the alpacas on her farm in West Virginia, and follows the creation process from start to finish, including this shawl. Knitting it was really special to me.



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    Very nice work. I hope I can do a project like this someday. I rated your project.
    I also dig natural materials in the process. Just finished making wool blend knee socks and soft...oh yeah.

    Very nice job, it looks like you put a lot of work into it, it looks just amazingly awesome. Great job!

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    Appreciate the kind words! I love to knit...and using Sue's homemade yarn was really special....