Shed Ramp - How to Build a Sturdy Garden Shed Ramp





Introduction: Shed Ramp - How to Build a Sturdy Garden Shed Ramp

If you want to repair change or build a new shed ramp, why not get this idea.

For a sturdy and cheap garden shed ramp you can use recycled materials.

4 x 4s treated lumber as stringers, and fence pickets as ramp boards decking.


Step 1: Attach ledger board to the garden shed

Step 2: Attach the stringers to the ledger board

Step 3: Install the ramp decking

►1: Attach Ledger Board to the Garden Shed

Step 1: Attach the Stringers to the Ledger Board

Make sur your ledger board is fasten very weel in your door threshold.

All the ramp weight will by hold on this ledger board.

►2: Attach Stringers to the Ledger Board

Step 2: Framing the Ramp Deck

Determine the slope degree and cut your stringers.

►3: Install the Ramp Decking

After this step you can install the ramp decking (old fence pickets).

Pictures: ---> How to install board decking

For french instructions (instructions en français): Construire une rampe d'abri de jardin



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What did you do to help with the space between the ground and the top of the ramp? Or does that even matter with what your moving in and out of your shed?

You set the stringers (and the ledger board) down from the opening by the thickness of your decking.
If tou are using 4' x 8' x 7/8" plywood as decking, and 4" x 8" x 6' stringers (on 8" vertical) with a 4" x 4" etc. ledger, the top of the ledger should be 8-7/8" down from the lip of the shed floor/door.