Introduction: Sheep Dying

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This instructable is on dying sheep different color.

Step 1: Building the Pen

Picture of Building the Pen

First of all you need a pen for the sheep.

Step 2: Place the Sheep

Picture of Place the Sheep

Second you need the sheep any size will do

Step 3: Dying

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Dye the sheep by tapping and holding on sheep with dye of any sort that also includes cocoa beans

Step 4: Your Finished

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Hope you liked my instructable : )


MINECRAFTfern (author)2016-01-18

Get close to the sheep and then you tap and hold on it or get close to it and wait for the button to appear that say dye and click it

TaylorM31 (author)2016-01-11

i have no idea what to do on step 3

minecraft builder (author)2015-08-10

thanks i was wondering how to get coloured sheep

CommanderCookie (author)2014-06-14

Thanks! (:

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