Picture of Sheep mood barometer for the door
I made this mood barometer when me and my boyfriend moved in togeher. Each sheep-head is made of cardboard which i glued to a magnet. The Sheep body has the opposite magnet at the position of the head, so he can switch the sheeps mood at any time. The moods on the sheep are in german, they include stuff like:

"I am studying for school, leave me alone."
"I am terribly lonely, visits welcome."

I could think of many more moods, now that we live together, but I guess you know the moods of your partner better than anyone else :).

Very sweet!
Nozebra (author)  scoochmaroo1 year ago
Thanks! I am glad you like it!
ChrysN1 year ago
Cute idea!
Nozebra (author)  ChrysN1 year ago
Thank you!