Good morning, and/or afternoon, and/or evening everyone! I received a comment on a previous Instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/Zeppelin-Bend-with...) that confused a Zeppelin Bend with a Sheet Bend, so I thought I'd share how to make a Sheet Bend with all of you!

A Sheet Bend, like any other bend, attaches two ropes to each other. A Sheet Bend is particularly useful because it's good for attaching ropes of two different sizes, and is super simple to make.

Step 1: Make a Bight.

Super easy.

Step 2: Under Over

Pass another rope up through the bight. It should go under the bottom line, and over the top.

Step 3: Behind the Back.

Pass the working end of your second rope back behind both ends of the bight, nearer towards the mouth.

Step 4: Through the Loop.

In the last step, you created a loop over the bight. Pass your working end through it.

Step 5: Pull It Tight.

That's it!

<p>This not works a treat for attaching paracord to my snare. you can see an instructable on that in my profile :)</p>
You do a great job with these instructables. Keep up the good work.
<p>Very well explained! I love all the in progress shots, means even someone like me can follow it. Thanks for sharing!</p>
Thank you! So glad you felt like you could follow along.

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