Sheet Metal Flower to Practice Plasma Cutting and Welding

Picture of Sheet Metal Flower to Practice Plasma Cutting and Welding
The purpose of this flower is to allow experience using a plasma cutter and MIG welding such that ugly novice cutting/welding adds to the charm of the flower.  Since practicing tends to make us focus on what we're not good at, why not use it to our advantage and have the outcome look better with uneven cuts and welds.

To make this flower, you will use the techniques in How to Use a Plasma Cutter and Basics of MIG Welding.

I made this at TechShop Detroit (
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Step 1: Choose Sheet Metal Material

Picture of Choose Sheet Metal Material
This worked well because I really liked how the yellowish tinge of the scrap metal would contrast with the discoloration from cutting and welding.

Step 2: Cut Petals with Plasma Cutter

Picture of Cut Petals with Plasma Cutter
The size of the petals can be completely subjective.  Note that the uneven cuts are due to lack of experience smoothly moving the plasma cutting gun across the surface.  When moving too fast the material is not cut all the way through.  Luckily, the uneven cuts work to your advantage here.

It is much better to start the cutter a little off the material and come in to cut.  To activate the plasma cutter, lift the safety and pull the trigger.

Note that I originally chose four petals but added another when I realized it was not  aesthetically pleasing enough.

Step 3: Remove Petals with Pliers

Picture of Remove Petals with Pliers
Since you are a novice plasma cutter, your petals will likely be attached it a few locations.  Use pliers to gently remove the petal by gently bending the petal back and forth.  It is unlikely you will need excessive force.  Use the plasma cutter to make further cuts if you cannot move the petal.

Step 4: Check Flower Design - Add More Petals if Required

Picture of Check Flower Design - Add More Petals if Required
As mentioned, in this case I cut four petals and decided that adding a fifth looked better.

Step 5: Cut the Stem

Picture of Cut the Stem
Use a straight edge to guide the plasma cutter in a straight line for the stem.  In this case I used an angle that was lying around in the shop.  Make one cut and another parallel cut 
That's cool! I like that the metal has some color to it too :)
newdetroiter (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
I know! That's the main reason I thought of the flower. It looked so pretty.
I <3 Plasma Cutting. How do you like the LC40?
newdetroiter (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Hi Audrey! I'm afraid I can't compare because I just learned. This is my attempt to pass on what I'm learning but so far... IT'S AWESOME!