Introduction: Sheet Metal Bending Brake With Radius Adjustment

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This is my bending brake.

I made it from 4mm thick 40 x 40mm L-profile

6 and 12mm steel bars.

And 3, 4 and 6 mm thick flat bars.

I wanted to get brake that could bend 2-3mm thick steel. Also i wanted to be able to do some bends with bigger radius, without noticeable marks. That's why i made bending radius adjustable.

I have a small "Shop", so it has a space saving idea too, you can see it from this short video.

Step 1: Closer Look for the "corners"

Picture of Closer Look for the "corners"

I cut grooves to the "corners" of the bracket. Used angle grinder for that.

Those grooves allows me to bend 1" high corners for the sheets, before need to use risers.

Structure is very sturdy, i must be satisfied for the result.

Step 2: Making the Frame..

Picture of Making the Frame..

You can see the main idea of the structure and the radius adjustment from these pictures.

Videos at the last step shows the actual making, and the stucture of the main parts. Idea should be seen from those.

I bought hinges, screws and nuts from my local hw-store. Those costed 5 euros.

All other material is from the recycling center and costed 30 euros.

Used tig for welding, but it could be done with mma, mig/mag too, of course.

I like to use tig, it doesn't make splatters. Build was very simple process, all parts are cut straight.

I used chop saw and angle grinder for cutting. But that's optional.

Drill press and hand drill.

M6 threading tap. M12 threaded rod. M6 nuts and bolts.

2 pieces of tight springs. Washers.

Step 3: Video Tutorials.

Videos show the actual building process.

Part 1 is from making the frame

Part 2 is from making radius adjustment and finishing.

Thanks for checking it out.


JörgenBörg (author)2017-02-23

nice idea to use your evolution frame :-)

Thanks mate. It really is a space saver. Much sturdier than my old one.

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