Picture of Sheet Metal iPod Case
Last week I was sitting around with a couple of my friends showing off my new iPod when one of them asked if I had a case for it yet. I responded that I didn't, but it got me thinking. I decided I would make my own case. As soon as I got home I sketched up a design and after a few days of work I had created a sheet metal iPod case!

If anyone wants me to make a template for another iPod case or an iPhone case leave a comment and I'll do my best.

Answers to the Make-to-Learn Contest:

What I Made
I made a case for my iPod 5 out of sheet aluminum, hot glue and duct tape. I used a hacksaw, coping saw, angle grinder, drill and files in making it.

How I Made It
I sketched out the layout for my case on scrap 30-gauge aluminum my shop teacher gave me and drilled holes where needed. Then I used a hacksaw to cut out the case. I cleaned up the cuts with some files and then bent the support tabs at 90 degree angles. I used two pairs of pliers to bend the top and bottom tabs again. I covered each half of the case with duct tape to protect my iPod from scratches and to keep it in the case. Then I drilled holes for the camera and flash, joined the two holes together with a coping saw and was done.

Where I Made It
I made my case at home. I worked hard to get it done quickly so I could show it off at school.

What I Learned
I learned that cutting very thin metal with a hacksaw is difficult. It tends to bend. I also learned that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. I had initially planned to secure the two halves of the case with magnets but found that lining the case with duct tape created enough friction to hold the iPod in place.

I think you should resize it enough so you can add leather around it protecting it further
M3G (author)  joshabgvghn1 year ago
That is a really good idea!
agm882 years ago
can u make a template for ipod 4g
M3G (author)  agm882 years ago
There you go! Just remember it's only a rough template.
agm88 M3G2 years ago
many thanks will start as soon i get some metal
M3G (author)  agm882 years ago
G132 years ago
i would love to make one of these! but i dont have an iphone and i wouldnt have any clue where to even start!
I'm make one for my ipad mini

I got the metal froma old DVD play will that be alright do you think
M3G (author)  stefanwebb492 years ago
That should work great, that metal is nice and light. Want me to make a template?
Schmidty162 years ago
that's nice man you should get a screen protector too