Sheet Mulching - How to Sheet Mulch





Introduction: Sheet Mulching - How to Sheet Mulch

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Step 1: Choose a Location for Your New Garden Beds

First, choose the proper location for your plants and plan your garden layout.

Step 2: Dig and Remove the Sod of the Edge

Determine the outline of your bed. You can use a rope to layout it. Start digging the edge

Step 3: List of Materials to Sheet Mulch

Sheet Mulching - List of materials to sheet mulch.

Wood chips


Matter organic

Step 4: Lay Down Large Sheets of Cardboard and Dump Wood Chips

Put sheets of recycled cardboard got from furniture stores around your garden bed.

Soak the cardboard layer

Step 5: Edging and Planting Flowr Beds

Lay a border with logs

Planting into sheet mulch

For french instructions - Pour des instructions en français : Les plates-bandes carton



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    i love mulching with cardboard, but lately it has gotten bad press because of all sorts of mineral oils that supposedly are in it.

    Dont know if that really is a concern