Picture of Sheet Music Flowers
Have you ever wanted to make sheet music flowers to display in your living room, hang on your wall, or give to your friends? Well, here's a super simple way to make them speedy quick with no special supplies! Just follow these instructions and in less than 10 minutes you will have your very own sheet music flowers!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here are the materials you will need:

-Three 4" by 4" sheet music squares
-Forest Green Pipe Cleaner

Step 2: The Squares

First, print out 1 sheet of music from the internet. I usually just go to google images, find a random page of music, copy it, paste it into a word document, enlarge it, and print it out! To help you out, here is the link to an image that I found worked best for me: http://www.all-music-sheets.com/images/BachChurchCantataBWV10.jpg

Next, take the sheet and measure out 3 four by four squares. Cut them out.

Step 3: Folding

Picture of Folding
After doing so, you need to take one square and fold it diagonally into a triangle. Fold two more times diagonally into a triangle.

Step 4: The Cutting

Picture of The Cutting
Next take the small triangle (that should be about 2" by now) and find the corner that was originally at the center of the square. This may sound confusing at first, but if you aren't sure just unfold the triangle, keeping track of whichever corner turns out the be in the center of the square.

After you find it, snip about an eighth of an inch off the corner. This will be for the hole.

Next cut a round petal-like end from the two other corners. Check out the pictures to see what I mean. It should be curvy on one side, the other having the snipped corner.

Repeat these steps with the 2 other squares you cut in step 2.
What instrument did or do you play
This is so perfect because I have stacks of sheet music from when I was in concert band!! Love this idea :D
Pra_ga2 years ago
awesome idea!!
Alice want2 years ago
I have no resistance for staves, you make a rose with the pattern of stave, your rose attract all my attentions and I love it.
sunshiine2 years ago
Beautiful work! thanks for sharing!
Jessie Marie (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
Thanks! Glad you like it! :)
pakoss2 years ago
M.C. Langer2 years ago
Fantastic and beautiful! I love the implicit poetry in a gift like this :-)
poofrabbit2 years ago
Love the use of music for flowers, how cool would it be to give give a dozen to someone, maybe a song that makes you think of them, something along those lines. So many possibilities!