Picture of Sheet Music Lampshade

I wanted a lampshade to compliment this lamp I made out of my daughter's old clarinet. The original lampshade was covered with multi-colored ribbon, and I wanted something a bit more "musical". I had several old beginner piano books left over from when my kids were younger and thought they would make a pretty lampshade. You could also use pages from an old Hymnal if you can find one at the thrift shop, but the paper would be much thinner and I thought it might be too fragile for this project.

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
lamp 15.jpg
sewing machine.jpg
lamp 21.jpg

You will need a wire lampshade frame, Fusible webbing, muslin, sewing machine, thread, scissors, sheet music and an iron.

Step 2: Sheet Music

Picture of Sheet Music
lamp 13.jpg

Tear pages out of music book. Cut fusible webbing 1/2" smaller than page. Place the page of sheet music on ironing board, wrong side up. Place fusible webbing over sheet music, paper side up. Iron. Cut design out or just trim edges. Peel the paper off the back of fusible webbing.

Step 3: Trace frame

Picture of Trace frame
lamp 16.jpg

Tie a little bit of string to the bottom edge of frame. Place the lampshade frame on top of the muslin and trace the top and bottom, adding about 1/2" to each. Beginning and ending where the string is tied. Turn the frame a little at a time as you trace.

Step 4: Sheet music onto muslin

Picture of Sheet music onto muslin
lamp 11.jpg

Place each piece of sheet music on top of muslin and press with hot iron. Add more sheet music and make sure that all fabric inside the tracing line is covered with sheet music. Overlap and place papers at different angles. When you get the whole area covered, turn over and cut on the tracing line.

sunshiine1 year ago

I really like this. Thanks for sharing!