What can you do with sheet music? Well, the truth is, what CAN'T you do with sheet music? Rather than just throwing away or shoving unused sheet music into a drawer when you are done with it, you can reuse it by making great decorations, such as sheet music pinwheels. This is a fairly easy and inexpensive decoration to make for your house that will only take minutes to create! Just follow the simple instructions below, and you will have this gorgeous decoration in no time!

  • 8 Sheets of Music, each measuring 8 1/2 by 11
  • tape
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • thin piece of cardboard--I unfolded a Kleenex box and used it (Everyone has a Kleenex box, right?)
  • ruler


Step 1: Sheet Music

If you don't have any sheet music, don't sweat it! Just do what I usually do: print off sheet music from online! If you want to use the sheet music I used in the pinwheel shown, go to: http://www.all-music-sheets.com/images/BachChurchCantataBWV10.jpg

What you do is:
  1. Google search "sheet music"
  2. Right click and copy the one you like
  3. Open a word document and paste it in
  4. Enlarge the sheet music (you may have to right click and "wrap text" so you can enlarge it to full size)
  5. Print 8 copies
<p>This is really nice decor and a great idea to display the unique texture of used sheet music! I think it would be nice to add a blue button or something in the middle to cover up the glued bit and help it match the surrounding objects.</p>

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