Step 3: Tie the rope to connect the hangars

At this point, I tucked the sheets like I normally would, but this time with the hangars underneath, and then turned the mattress on its side in order to give a good illustration of what I was doing. Now get out the rope and determine how long each piece (3 total) should be. I didn't bother posting the lengths because everyone's sheet and mattress sizes will differ. You will end up having two long pieces for the corners and one shorter piece connecting the two sides. IMPORTANT: The rope will make an "X" pattern for the corners. Tie off one corner hangar and take the other end of the rope to the opposite corner of the mattress. Repeat with the remaining corner. And for the two sides just take the shorter piece of rope and tie them off. It works best to stretch the sheet as tight as you want it and use the hangars to hold it in place, as opposed to using the hangars and rope themselves to tighten the sheet (like a ratchet strap).
<p>Question: I have a very heavy thick memory foam mattress probably &gt; 100 pounds. I don't need/want to lift or turn over my mattress every time I change my sheets(I've had spine surgery). Can this device be made, left on &amp; unbuckled &amp; reattached when clean sheets are put on. What about if the sheets are different sizes? Maybe I'm stupid, but I don't see a way around doing this every time. Is there? I too hate when the sheet corners slip off in the night. I have one old set of terrific sheet anchors for one of our beds, but didn't look at the brand when I bought them over 15 years ago. There 8 hard plastic oval keyhole style loops, i.e. a large hole on one end and a smaller hole on the other 8 double sided disks that have a flattened hour glass shape and finally some round approx. 6 inch rubber or silicone type straps with a small ball on each end ( I replaced when they broke with medical or exercise equipment rubber tubing). If anyone has a solution or knows of where I can locate the item I described please help.</p>
<p>I'm trying to use this on a stubborn/thin mattress pad bottom. The thin <br>fabric wants to slip out of the polished wood hanger. I'm thinking of <br>applying some double sided tape to make the hangers less slippery. You <br>probably wouldn't want to do that with sheets though, most likely will <br>leave adhesive residue behind</p>
and how do you keep the hold downs from moving under the mattress when sheets go into the wash??or do start all over with the tying down...
Bungee cords! The solid rubber ones are much sturdier than the nylon/latex bungee cords.
Twist pins from Walmart. Or look for the ecomnomical 100-count pack at Amazon.
Just double the fabric where you insert them.
There are bed sheets that actually stay on the mattress very tight on their own. www.drawstringsheet.com They use a drawstring and can be tightened from one point on the side of the mattress. No need for straps or suspenders or clips or anything. You just put thew bed sheet on and tighten it and you are done. They hold so well that you can pick up the mattress by the sheet.They also self adjust to any mattress thickness. It is also easy to know which is the side so that you know how they go on right away without putting the bed sheet on sideways by mistake.
&nbsp;yeah, after trying a few of these products you mention for tight sheets, the only one that worked very well was sheet suspenders (www.sheetsuspenders.com). &nbsp;Modeling after their product would work best if your looking for something more discrete. &nbsp;They use actual suspender clips that hold very well... and hide better then giant wooden hangers.<br /> <br /> Food for thought... Ill have to cut up some old suspenders and see... but dont use the giant garter type clips... they are terrible.<br />
I was having the same dilemma b/c the retail ones do not work that well and they look as if they came off my grannie's girdle ha ha. So I got a couple of gem (sp?) clips (from the office--the black ones). I clipped the offending areas to the edge of my mattress. I'll see how I do tonight. It's me, the dog and the cat in the bed, so it should work. I'll report on my progress tomorrow.
Absolutely brilliant! While I await a trip to the store...I am thinking 2 on the long sides, near the ends, and one in the middle of each short end, might work better? My mind isn't getting how the straight hangers are clamping the rounded sheet corners. Also, I highly recommend the Tautline Hitch for fastening the ropes. Once you get used to the adjustable, yet locking, knot... you'll wonder how you ever got stuff tied together without it :-)
and on a completely different note, anyone know how to "comment" and put text after the images? or am i stuck always having all the images at the endof my comment?
I don't think you can- the images are separate from the text, like an Instructable step, so it's always going to be<br/><br/><strong>text</strong><br/><br/><strong>images</strong><br/>
you have no idea how badly i needed this, great idea. I'm doing it tonight. period.
Great idea! For a quicker, not a taut or pretty solution, you could clamp higher up and just hook the hangers onto the bed frame.
<em>My mind isn't getting how the straight hangers are clamping the rounded sheet corners.</em><br/><br/>-In step 3, you can see in the 3rd and 4th photo of all hangars attached and tied up. It works pretty well, even though it doesn't match up perfectly. Nothing will...even the small suspender straps.<br/>
hallelujah, just what i need!

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