Sheet Straps for a tight, immobile bottom sheet

Step 3: Tie the rope to connect the hangars

At this point, I tucked the sheets like I normally would, but this time with the hangars underneath, and then turned the mattress on its side in order to give a good illustration of what I was doing. Now get out the rope and determine how long each piece (3 total) should be. I didn't bother posting the lengths because everyone's sheet and mattress sizes will differ. You will end up having two long pieces for the corners and one shorter piece connecting the two sides. IMPORTANT: The rope will make an "X" pattern for the corners. Tie off one corner hangar and take the other end of the rope to the opposite corner of the mattress. Repeat with the remaining corner. And for the two sides just take the shorter piece of rope and tie them off. It works best to stretch the sheet as tight as you want it and use the hangars to hold it in place, as opposed to using the hangars and rope themselves to tighten the sheet (like a ratchet strap).
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