Step 2: The principle of how it works.

The trap is sprung when the rat runs over the roller which rolls the bent nail of its axle and release the arm lifting the door and the trap shuts catching ratty.
I actually found this on the net! lol! I just had to try to find it on instructables. GREAT JOB! LOVE IT! :)
<p>Your daddy was one smart man. </p>
Nice work! Although I fully support the wooden version of this just to get them out the house alive. Let em' live, but if they keep comming back their dead.
Wonderful trap you have there I've never seen one like it before, simple design and it looks easy to reset. Good job on the ible and congrats to your dad for the job of building it. I hope to make one myself soon.<br>Again Nice Work;<br>Dan<br>
Thanks,<br> <br> He also made a Magpie trap a few years ago, Its an interesting trap.<br> <br> I need to pull it out of the garden as it has become all grown up by grass and weeds since and there are a couple of magpies that are becoming very cheeky&nbsp; I would like to get rid off.&nbsp;<br> <br> I will do a&nbsp; retro how to on it also.<br>
this closely resembles the rabbits traps i have made for myself and family ,nice work on the photos to show how to make without having to disassemble the one you've got

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