Introduction: Sheldon Cooper T-Shirt Folding Hack

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One beer box or similar in size cardboard box
Duck tape

Step 1:

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Deconstruct box. Take the top and bottom tabs of the box apart. Lay flat.

Step 2:

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Cut along the top end.

Step 3:

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Cut the bottom end of the box along seam.

Step 4:

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Discard one side.

Step 5:

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Leave gap between flaps. About 1/4inch. I just used the natural gap of the box.

Duck tape the two flaps, with gap left between.

Step 6:

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Duck tape the other side of the box and join the tape together between the gap.

Step 7:

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Press the tape together. Should look like this.

Step 8:

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One side done.

Step 9:

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Repeat steps 5-7 one the other side.

Box construction finished.


Step 10:

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Face shirt flat face down.

Step 11:

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Fold one side over quickly.

Step 12:

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More flap back.

Step 13:

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Fold over the other side quickly.

Step 14:

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Place left hand or the side your sleeves are on and fold it over quickly.

Step 15:

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Like so.

Step 16:

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And you have a perfectly folded shirt even your mom would be proud of.

It also works with sweatshirts.



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swnagle (author)2014-02-27

Here is the video

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very clever reproduction and great layout of steps

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