Picture of Sheldon Cooper T-Shirt Folding Hack
One beer box or similar in size cardboard box
Duck tape
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Step 1:

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Deconstruct box. Take the top and bottom tabs of the box apart. Lay flat.

Step 2:

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Cut along the top end.

Step 3:

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Cut the bottom end of the box along seam.

Step 4:

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Discard one side.

Step 5:

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Leave gap between flaps. About 1/4inch. I just used the natural gap of the box.

Duck tape the two flaps, with gap left between.

Step 6:

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Duck tape the other side of the box and join the tape together between the gap.

Step 7:

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Press the tape together. Should look like this.

Step 8:

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One side done.

Step 9:

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Repeat steps 5-7 one the other side.

Box construction finished.


Step 10:

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Face shirt flat face down.

Step 11:

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Fold one side over quickly.

Step 12:

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More flap back.

Step 13:

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Fold over the other side quickly.

Step 14:

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Place left hand or the side your sleeves are on and fold it over quickly.

Step 15:

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Like so.

Step 16:

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And you have a perfectly folded shirt even your mom would be proud of.

It also works with sweatshirts.

swnagle (author) 11 months ago
Here is the video

lwilk11 months ago

very clever reproduction and great layout of steps