Shelevator, an Elevator for Your Shelf





Introduction: Shelevator, an Elevator for Your Shelf

I was inspired to do this when I saw my senior mother standing on a stool to reach something in the kitchen. I was worried she might fall. Although, anyone could make one in a good workshop, I wanted to make it easy for anyone who might not have access to all the required tools, so I have made the harder things available through some kits on eBay. It was recently featured on Discovery Channel Canada - Daily Planet, Feb. 15, 2012, part 3.



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    I'm interested in taking this idea further. Please email me @ schwartz.retro (at) gmail (dot) com.

    This is really smart! @sbsh, would you be so kind to post the ebay links for the kits? I have searched ebay for "shelevator", "shelf elevator" and many other keywords with no success :-(. Thank you!

    glad you like it but it never made it to market so it is not available anywhere
    what I have found is that you may not need the pulley system - just make a box that fits your shelf (I use coroplast for lightweight strength and washability) and insert strap or cord as a snug handle across the front at the bottom - then you can insert your flat of your hand between the handle and the box and pull it out manually or insert it back in
    good luck

    This is Brilliant! Great innovation....

    thx so much - I thought so too but not too many others, not enuf to go to market
    did get me on Dragon's Den, though no deal

    I would love to know where to buy one because I am tall and most of my other family is shorter and I am always getting the bowls from the top shelf for them so I want to know where to buy one

    I am sorry to inform you that I never went to market due to insufficient demand.
    May I remark though that my intent was to help those too short to reach and didn't have the presence of one tall enough to reach. For those who can reach, I always expected them to help out and make it unnecessary.
    It is a good thing to be able to help others. If you do it with a smile you will engender a lot of good will and love towards yourself.
    Good Luck!

    If you have any ideas for bringing items at floor level up to you please post and do an instructable for us. I have a mother with a kidney condition who cannot bend down to get things from the bottom shelves. Does this idea work in reverse?

    sorry to hear of your mother's disability. I don't think the Shelevator can be made to work in reverse for the problem you describe.
    However, I can suggest that, as a first step, a drawer can be constructed as per my instructable that will exactly fit any bottom shelves and can be used to at least pull out the contents of bottom shelves for easier accessibility.
    If this helps, let me know and I can suggest some easy ways to affix a handle.