In need of a bed that will hold all of your storage needs? The Shelf Bed Storage is a great idea on a low budget that is a great alternative to a bed and a closet.

All you need is....

3 Storage Shelves

12 Cubes Supply Holders

1 Sheet of Plywood

Mattress and Bed Clothes

Things to Store!

Step 1: Get Three Shelves and Turn

The first step to having great Shelf Bed Storage is to purchase or make three shelves. I was able to purchase my shelves at a big named store. If you have a full sized bed, like the bed that is shown, then shelves that hold four "cubes" fit perfectly! Once you purchase these shelves, turn them on their side.

Step 2: Shape Into a U

Once you have all of the shelves turned on their side, then shape them into a U Pattern. You do this so that you are able to utilize all twelve storage boxes, four on each side, that the shelves would normally give you.

I also put school materials that I rarely need in the middle part of the U so that they are safely out of the way. Some of the things that you could put on the inside U of the bed would be Holiday Decorations, extra cleaning supplies, keepsakes that you don't have room to show off yet, ect. If you have anything like this that you would like to be out of the way, now would be the time to put it underneath the bed.

Step 3: Put on Plywood

After all of your shelves are in a U shape, you simply need to put on a sheet of plywood over them. The one I have shown is in a strange shape because it was re-purposed from a wood shop in town. You do not need to make the strange shape of the one shown. A simple square shaped plywood will do. I recommenced that you get at least 1/4" or 1/2" thick plywood.

Step 4: Matress

After the plywood is placed on the U shape, next comes your mattress! Like it was mentioned earlier, The mattress shown is a full and it fits perfectly!!!

Step 5: Make Your Bed! Enjoy

Once the mattress is on, all you need to do is make your bed and take a nap!

Step 6: Fill Your Storage

Once you wake up from your nap, you will be able to fill your storage bins with whatever you wish! I have mine filled with clothes, shoes, and school supplies but the possibilities are endless! The Shelf Bed Storage provides the user with a cheap and clean way to have a bed that looks like a million bucks! ENJOY!

<p>Where did you find those sturdy amazing shelves? All I find locally are flimsy and will not hold up.</p>
<p>Okay, this is probably really late AND off topic, but am I the only one who finds that dressmaker dummy to be creepy AF, especially peeping out from behind the wood?</p>
I'm very interested in making this bed, but I have a queen-size, has anyone made a queen-size yet? Can I get dimensions and how to work this?
<p>We have a queen size bed. What I plan to do is to lay out the bookshelves in that U-shaped pattern, but move one of the bookshelves over to match the width of the queen mattress. That will leave space at the foot of the bed, but I will ask a carpenter friend to build me a wooden box to fit that space. Paint everything the same color, and hopefully it will look nice!</p>
Have you received a reply on the queen size bed yet? I would like to make the bed but I have queen size also!
<p>I've loved this idea for a while, but have two questions before I dive in to the project. Did you use any sort of bracket or bracer to stabilize it from bending? And if you are using a box spring with the mattress, is the plywood necessary? </p>
A sheet of plywood is 4'x8'...No normal bed is that size...
<p>the plywood doesn't need to be the size of the bed, it just needs to be big enough to cover the whole in the middle. check out the pic's in step 2 and 3.</p>
My question is... How durable is this matress placement? My concern is hypothetically speaking would the plywood slip and cause the matress to fall in if someone was doing the nasty on it? Lol
Brilliant! I have a queen mattress. I wonder if it would fit? Can you divulge the name of the store where you purchased these shelves?
<p>Walmart</p><p>I ordered them online because they only had 1 in store</p>
<p>Could you tell me the dimensions of the bookcase or the Walmart product # ?</p>
<p>Is it too high if you use the box springs and mattress?</p>
Question..... can this be done for a queen size bed?
Hello! This is fantastic! I'm always trying to create space saving storage places in my home. I'd love to do this with a standard queen sized bed. Would this work as well?
Would this work for a queen size bed?
<p>Great idea to build on... </p><p>Can even stack for loft-style, then have storage or pet cave underneath</p>
<p>I am making a bed similar to this-<br>I am going to attach wheels to a sheet of Plywood &amp; place the Plywood Under the shelves. Then I will be able to move the bed to clean or re-locate.<br>The Plywood on Top- I will cut out 2 doors and inge them so that I can easily access storage in the middle. -</p>
<p>Now that you've had this bed assembled for some time.. is there anything you would change? Did the shelving units hold up well? </p>
<p>A very stylish and creative solution. Well done.</p>
<p>I don't know when I will finally get around to doing it but I've had plans in my head to do something similar to this with the exception that the head and foot boards would be floor to ceiling book shelves. The bed would then be centered in the bedroom which would free up most of one wall for, you guessed it, more bookshelves.</p>
<p>been thinking about a product similar to this for a while . 3 or 4 larger storage boxes/drawers . No need for the plank . This is great idea for folks who don't want to rent a truck to move . probably include and rollup mattress . </p>
<p>I wouldn't mind doing this. this project is good for people who want to be minimalist. </p>
<p>Great idea! </p>
<p>Clever storage trick. Several shelves worth of stuff neatly tucked under your bed.</p>

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