Picture of Shelf for children's books
My original article (Russian) - Shelf for children's books.

Sorry for bad English (google translate).

Now we are going to do a children's shelf for books. Dimensions: Height - 940mm, Width 770mm, wall - 450 mm. Ear to 3 cm sticks so that you can put on the wall with the plinth.

The main difference between a conventional horizontal shelves from the fact that the child sees all the books and he can choose what to read.

So, we will need:
   Polished 12 mm plywood
   sandpaper (I used the nozzle drills with the skin Velcro)
   Cordless drill with a 4.5 mm and 3 mm
   water emulsifiable color - ocher (or yellow) and chrome-yellow (or orange) PARADE
   Water-based latex paint (preferably probably with increased wear resistance) (I took PARADE W4)
   small textile roller and brush
   12 screws to 40-50 mm

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Step 1:

First, draw a giraffe on our plywood - by cells of notebooks from. I think everyone knows how to redraw on the cells of? :)

If you have the artistic abilities as me (ie shitty) - you can print a picture of my giraffe and move it to the cells of the veneer.

Here the details ready for the shelf. On the blank cells have a giraffe on his art which I endured from a notebook. The cells here with a side of 5 cm

Step 2:

Picture of
Cut out one half, and then applying it on the plywood with a pencil and tracing the second. Size sidewalls 940h420 mm.

Next, cut the shelves with stops. Size of shelves - 750h260 mm restrictors - 750h60 mm.

Step 3:

Picture of
Now handle large sandpaper edge and make amends for them then fine.

I have fixed a screw gun attachment for drills for skins with Velcro.

Plane, I processed the same nozzle, only to have his hands - a very convenient taped it turns out! :)
So it's your guide which you originally posted elsewhere (and shared here), or you copied it?
evgen_ru (author)  explosivemaker1 year ago
It's my guide, my site, and my wife on photo :-)
Super. Just checking because there have been/are instances where content is taken without permission.

I really like the way it turned out. Very nice.