Step 7: Test speakers

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I decided this was a good time to test everything out. I simply stripped the wires and twisted them together. Perhaps its only my imagination but they sound better and louder to me than they did in the plastic case. This is probably due to wish full thinking, nevertheless they sound great and look better than the original.

Up next will be an enclosure for the amp with a iPod doc built in.
I think I lost my first message so my P.S. looks silly. Anyhow they most likely do sound louder and cleaner due to the mass and volume of the new enclosures. Excellent job.
P.S. try some polyfill in the inside of the cabs. You can source some from out of an old pillow, comforter or couch cusion's outer layer if you like to recycle otherwise it can be found at craf tand fabric stores. It help's control standing waves or reverberation's that can shine through the thin paper cone that I imagine that speaker has and creates the illusion of making the box sound bigger due to greater dampening. Most cab's have it applied to the back and sides however you may find that in a small low powered cabinet such as yours that you can just stuff an amount of your choice (tuning) behind the driver itself an around the front of the baffle around the port. It will not affect the airspace or cubic volume much in comparison to the positive quality gained unless you stuff it to the point of compressing the polyfill.
Just some thought's from a speaker/sound geek
pdlbooboo6 years ago
It would be sweet if u'd integrate the ipod dock in the top of one of the speakers. just an idea
grantf8 years ago
Was it a curious 5 year old or you re own careless maneuvering with a screwdriver?
mfryer (author)  grantf8 years ago
5 year old