Thankfully, I don't have a sob story. I am blessed abundantly by the home I have and the creative talent to upcycle everything with paint and glue. But it would be nice for a change to have ready-made, high-end products to finish off my spaces. In this artist's-studio-in-the-making, for example, I've upcycled a pendant light and a fuddy-duddy chandelier for pennies. I've also added an accent wall with paint to look like a winter forest scene. Ideally, I would like to add floating shelves over this entire wall to store and display things that I will later have for sale. Storage, storage, storage is what I need!
Like the wall, voted<br><br>A
I'd love to learn how you did the tree paint job. can you post an instructable on that?
Oh, dear, this was a discover-as-you-go project. I started with a small roller but ended up doing it free-hand with a 2&quot; brush for the trunks and a 1&quot; brush for the thinner branches. No drawing anything beforehand. Just started at the bottom with the trunks and thinned it out toward the top, adding branches at alternating heights.<br>Thanks for asking!
Very pretty! I wish you the best! Have a splendorous day!

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