I'm still alive in case anyon was wondering. Building with k'nex? Not so much, although every once and a while I'll mess around with it.
This features:
A really comfy grip that was really hard to get on the gun

Shell ejecting

Looks pretty good

Long pin pull

I should have put a pin guide but got lazy.

Newish trigger
I played with shell ejecting combos. I like it because they're more efficient than simple pin guns, however the ejecting part bugged me. It also slows down reload so in wars it adds another step.<br>Excellent cosmetic gun though. =D
<p>Nice gun! The front grip looks kind of like Knex Lego Maniac's TR8 front grip.</p>
Post instructions
<p>I like the grip. :D</p>
Maybe try finammo shells. If you can get that to work...
Great gun! ;D
<p>are you posting instructions, because it looks kinda futuristic and i love to build those things?? please let me know as soon as possible</p><p>And i will give you 5* rating</p>
Nah, no instructions, I posted internals and you should be able to build it off of the pictures above. I do have another internal pic which I will add. Good luck! If you need assistance, just post a picture and I'll try to help you out.
<p>Nice! good to see people posting again!</p>
I know this thing is super ugly, but God I love that grip, it was fun to mount it haha
Just realized in pic 7 you can see my next project of knex, not sure what I want to chamber it in. I'm thinking another shell ejector just because of the low friction, maybe a turret rifle though. I'm also thinking of doing another pump action but don't get your hopes up, I don't build very often.

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