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Introduction: Shell Ejecting Gun

I'm still alive in case anyon was wondering. Building with k'nex? Not so much, although every once and a while I'll mess around with it.
This features:
A really comfy grip that was really hard to get on the gun

Shell ejecting

Looks pretty good

Long pin pull

I should have put a pin guide but got lazy.

Newish trigger



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    I played with shell ejecting combos. I like it because they're more efficient than simple pin guns, however the ejecting part bugged me. It also slows down reload so in wars it adds another step.
    Excellent cosmetic gun though. =D

    Nice gun! The front grip looks kind of like Knex Lego Maniac's TR8 front grip.

    Maybe try finammo shells. If you can get that to work...

    are you posting instructions, because it looks kinda futuristic and i love to build those things?? please let me know as soon as possible

    And i will give you 5* rating

    Nah, no instructions, I posted internals and you should be able to build it off of the pictures above. I do have another internal pic which I will add. Good luck! If you need assistance, just post a picture and I'll try to help you out.

    Nice! good to see people posting again!

    I know this thing is super ugly, but God I love that grip, it was fun to mount it haha