This is a beast. The title says it all. The mech is completely different to the dunkis' XM8 but this is similar in what it is meant to do. The mags hold about 8 rounds, each comprised of 6 silver spacers on yellow rods. I will never post. ( I wanted to but had other plans.)

If you make from pic I wil give you 10 cookies!
It looks like a fish...kind of. LOL
Oh yeah.
Dude, why don't you just knock somebody out with one hit of that thing already?! I mean jeeze that thing is fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so did I now wheres my cookies
 Cheap you just used GIMP
actually ms paint.....
im the 4th reply :D FTW?
You suck, get photoshop and learn how to do it right.
we do have photoshop, but I was doing it for lolz. <br> <br>and may I remind you that this site has a be nice policy. <br> <br>GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR!!!
Good day to you. Sorry about the suck part but I thought it sucked and by the way I like your black ops clips.
its just fliped
you you gonna post this gun ? and how far does it shoot ?
i made it
Wow! You've even got the same carpet as me! And you've got the exact same lighting!
its the exact same picture -_-, i can actually pull it off unlike them, but i have my own projects so i dont bother
Really? I never noticed!! <br> <br>Of course you can. You tell yourself that.
yea, but look at the lighting, and the stain un the upper right hand side of the gun, and the band placement, i dont think someone can easily do that
&nbsp;Hes secretly your mom or cat
you fail.
You're not fooling me with that!
The description says he is not going to post it.
I've posted a shell-ejecting knex gun, range 10m/33.33 feet. Check it out if you're interested.
That is awesome!
Yes, it is.
As Elmer Fudd would say, a whale wifle.
Thanks, 5 stars by the way.
Haha. Cool. Thanks. I really wish i could go back and finish it properly.
Yeah, The mech looks awesome, its just the skin that looks odd, your good at building, want to join my new group? I'll have contests, if you'r interested here's a link https://www.instructables.com/group/knexguncommunity/
Haha. Thanks. When i get some metal tubes (same spec as spacers) ima build another shell ejection gun.
has darth vader left the site?
He was banned (he was a huge spammer), now he's back in another account. It seems he has learned something, he's not spamming anymore.
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