Shell Ejecting Rifle With New Trigger Mech





Introduction: Shell Ejecting Rifle With New Trigger Mech

Hi happy Thanksgiving!!! This is my new shell ejecting rifle. I made it because I had seen other SER's and I wanted one of my own. I wanted to try to make something different. So I tried a new trigger. And this is how it turned out. 

Comfy handle
Strong stock
Easy pin pull
New trigger with very good holding power(you dont need like 4 RBs for the trigger, just 1 small one)

Between Pro and Con :
roughly 15 feet range with 1 #64

Flimsy near the top of the gun at the mag
Shells dont eject too far (>3ft)
Not that accurate
Pin is hard to pull with 2 #64s



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    Well when i open up anybodys instructable i first look at the cons if they have any. But i just made this shell ejection pistol that ejcted about 4 feet and 3 feet is really not that bad of ejection range.

    did you ever think of adding a bipod? Here is my review

    Nice triger
    Cool mech
    Looks sturdy
    Non-complex mech

    Looks werid
    Kinda looke a little flimsy (but not alot)

    Over all rating 5*/5*

    I did not, but I guess it might look good.... It was a little flimsy right above the mag but otherwise it was very sturdy. Thanks!

    It's OK. You don't need a sanded ramrod on a shell gun though.

    Fair enough, and very true, but I figured I might as well use the rod because I had already sanded it beforehand.

    Other than low range, the gun is very cool. =)

    What do you think of the trigger?

    I like the trigger. =) Seems like it works well.

    Alright, thanks.