First of all, this is not completely my idea.  I think my design is unique, but in case it's not, I'm not trying to exactly copy anything I've seen online.  My purpose is to show a different and possibly better design, and make a better/easier to understand/more descriptive instructable.

      In this instructable I will show you how to turn a Buzz Bee "Double Shot" dart shotgun into an airsoft gun.  I will teach you how to modify the shells to fire airsoft pellets; no modification to the gun will be made.

This shotgun can fire 1-3 bbs, the range and power just decrease with more bbs.  Any more than 3 bbs won't go very far.

      Its range should be about 50-70 feet, depending on the weight of the bbs you use and how well you build it.  It shoots at an estimated 100-150 fps, also varying because of the weight of the bbs and quality of building. 
Hope you enjoy and have fun!

DISCLAIMER: I am not liable for injury/damage caused by your use of this airsoft gun.  Always wear eye protection when shooting, even just target practice.  Have fun, but BE SAFE.

This is my first instructable, so any constructive criticism or helpful comments would be appreciated.

Step 1: Materials/Tools Needed

Approximate cost (excluding tools and tape): $25-$30
For this instructable you will need the following:


Buzz Bee Double Shot and Shells (The one in the image has a sawn-off barrel.  You can do this with a hack saw or miter saw.)
Masking tape- preferably about 2" wide, but narrower is definitely OK
Nerf darts- don't need to be streamline darts, but I found them easiest to work with.
             You will need as many Nerf darts as the amount of airsoft shells you want to make, plus a few to give room for error.
Standard Bic pen barrels- again, as many as the amount of shells you want to make
Airsoft pellets- .12g's or .20g's work fine.  .12's usually have more speed but less power than .20's.

Tools/other implements (second picture):

Hammer or heavy pliers
Metal bottle cap or a hard, flat, surface
Sprue cutter, similar cutting tool, or xacto/hobby knife
Small screwdriver (should be able to fit into the hole in the back of the dart shotgun shells)
File (optional, but recommended)
Longnose pliers (optional)

mine only shoots far when its pointing up why and I didn't cut the barrel will thatbhelp
<p>because the air douse not flow right on the end</p>
Oh my god I did this exact mod like 4 years ago except I used old airsoft pistol barrels. worked like a charm. I'd recommend spray painting it black/metallic.
Great ideas! I might do the same.
I tried this. Sadly, i dont have a double shot anymore, but it did work in my rapid fire tek. Howver, accuracy is a bit of a problem, then again, a popcan is a poor example of person, so it is technically accurate.
wow looks like a sawn off shotgun
I enjoy the simplicity of this gun. Not only is it fun to mess around with..... <br>
I figured out how to do this myself and was just going to make an instructable!
good to see that I wasn't the only one who sawed off his buzzbee.
TWSS <br> <br>*Snicker*
sometime you should make a tactical trumpet<br>
I see the Force-a-Nature...
TF2 FTW<br><br>P.S. Nice idea. Keep it up!
While this is a very cool and effective way to convert a cheap toy to an airsoft gun, they are so cheap now i can buy an airsoft shotgun at my local store for 10 bucks or less. But i apreciate your work, keep it up! :p
looks well fun

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