Shelling a Raw Egg, Without Using Your Hands!





Introduction: Shelling a Raw Egg, Without Using Your Hands!

First of all, let me state that this is not my idea, but seeing as there is no Instructable for it at the moment, I decided to post it. I also borrowed the pictures. Just throwing it out there.

Materials needed:

-1 large mason jar or glass
-an egg

Optional (but recommended) material:

-a spoon

Step 1: Putting the Egg in a Jar.

Fairly self explanatory. Using a spoon, (or just your fingers) slide the egg into the bottom of a Mason Jar or large glass. No picture for this step....


Step 2: Adding the Vinegar

Add vinegar to the Jar, so that it completely covers the egg. then add some more for good measure.

The egg should not float. if it does, it means it's spoiled, and you probably want a new egg.

After all, why would you want to de-shell a rotten egg? It would smell terrible...

Step 3: Watch and Wait.

It should begin to bubble around the egg. Since the eggshell is made of carbonate, it is full of carbon. The acid reacts with it, and creates carbon dioxide gas as the shell dissolves. This step might take a while, so sit back and wait. It could take days. I've found that stirring it makes it look like it's going faster though, so feel free to try that.

Step 4: Marvel at It's Nakedness.


After a while, your egg should be totally shell-less. but in order to really enjoy it, you need to drain it. take the spoon (or your fingers, for you stubborn people) and hold the egg back as you pour out the vinegar. then just lift it out of the jar.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Now feel free to do whatever you like with your naked egg. Show it off, play a high-risk game of catch, cook it, throw it at an unsuspecting passer-by, ect.

okay, I was just kidding about throwing it at a random pedestrian.

I can't condone that.

Another fun Idea is to show it to someone, and give them an unshelled egg. then ask them to try to do it themselves. 9 times out of ten, theyll try to pick of the shell off with their hands, and it will burst all over their hands.

Very amusing.



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    38 Discussions

    I'm currently in the process of doing this with my bare hands, like a boss

    hehe i didn't see the raw part in the i thought you were doing this to a boiled egg which would taste like crap after soaking in vinegar for that long

    1 reply

    would this technique make the egg less vulnerable in an egg drop contest?  how strong/flexible is it after the vinegar treatment?

    2 replies

    it would make it easier to carry in a spoon, but it would still break if dropped... i've done it before, it seems like its less brittle, but the membrane is easily punctured.

    Sweet, my kids are gonna LOVE this!

    I like this idea for its novelty value. Have you tried cooking one after it has been shelled? Does anyone have any ideas on speeding up the process without contaminating the egg? Cheers, Pat. Pending

    3 replies

    I used lemon juice and then cider vinegar and had it hardboiled. It tasted fine to me, but then I'm not too picky about food. A repeat with fairly concentrated citric acid looks to be coming along nicely.

    The fastest way would be with a stronger acid. The acid that works a little bit faster is citric acid. The problem is, most people don't have enough lemon juice lying around. if you do, try that, though.

    Citric acid does work great. You only need about 2.5 teaspoons of powder per gallon (if I've calculated right) to equal the acidity of lemon juice. I bought the citric acid from the bulk herbs section of a health food store about $1.50/lb. By the way, while it may make things tasty in small amounts, do not eat it plain if you still want to have teeth in your old age.

    Okay this is going to sound stupid but, do you have to put it in t he refrigerator? Great Instructable!

    I've actually peeled the shell off w/out bursting the...well what ever it is, the sac I guess? Anyway, I have done it before, so it's not THAT impossible. Still pretty hard, though.

    2 replies

    I have too, that's why I said "9/10" in my statistic up there, lol. I knew some people could do it, lol.

    wouldnt it reek like vinegar?

    Someone did this in one of my science classes once, brought it in (still in the jar) and we (teacher included, not a prank :P) left it in the back of the room for weeks, maybe even months, opening it was hilariously horrible. Smell made you want to jump out the window.

    So this is what the middle schoolers did at my school. We were using one of their rooms because of the A/C, and saw these.

    I did it!!! Easy as pie (but doesn't taste as good lol!!)

    Does it matter in what kind of vinegar you put the egg? I'm asking that because I had the egg three days in the vinegar and nothing happened.