Introduction: Shift Key Usb Drive (Custom Case)

My Old Usb Drive's Case was broken today so i thought to make a new custom case and there was also a Old Keyboard lying in my house's store room.
So,to make use of that and build a Shift Key Usb Drive.

Step 1: Getting the Things

We Will need a :-
1. Old Keyboard
2. Usb Drive with no Case
3. Epoxy (Mixing Type)
4. Flat-Head Skrewdriver
5. Plier ( forgot to mention in pic)

Step 2: Pull the Key Out of Keyboard

Fit the skrewdriver and pull out the key from keyboard.Be Careful not damage the key.

Step 3: Pull Out the Wire and Cleaning the Inside

Pull the wire from key.
Now, break that round thing with plier and other plastic which is inside.

Step 4: Mixing the Epoxy

Mix the Epoxy till it is fully black.
Just apply it as fastest as possible.
Otherwise if you go slow , it will get hard and it will be wasted and if you half-way appling epoxy to usb and key then it is worse.

Step 5: Put the Epoxy

First Put the Epoxy Acording the height you want your usb drive to be. Then Epoxy the remaning part.
It was a Hard time having a Flat surface at the end.

Step 6: Final Product

A Shiny and Good Looking Usb Drive.
Now Impress Your Friends Also By Making Custom Cases ;)


Akdil made it! (author)2014-04-03

Thanks a lot for this nice idea, I saved my USB key thanks to you.

2014-03-28 16.23.18.jpg
Ayush Sharma (author)Akdil2014-04-22

Your Welcome, :)

Ayush Sharma (author)2014-02-05

I Used cutter but it gave me a rugged Surface.

sperky69 (author)2014-02-04

razor blade for flatter surface while still pliable. I may use this one. thx

Ayush Sharma (author)2014-02-04


rawknmusician91 (author)2014-02-04

Very cool and simple design. Keep up the good work.

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