Introduction: Shift Key Usb Drive (Custom Case)

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My Old Usb Drive's Case was broken today so i thought to make a new custom case and there was also a Old Keyboard lying in my house's store room.
So,to make use of that and build a Shift Key Usb Drive.

Step 1: Getting the Things

Picture of Getting the Things

We Will need a :-
1. Old Keyboard
2. Usb Drive with no Case
3. Epoxy (Mixing Type)
4. Flat-Head Skrewdriver
5. Plier ( forgot to mention in pic)

Step 2: Pull the Key Out of Keyboard

Picture of Pull the Key Out of Keyboard

Fit the skrewdriver and pull out the key from keyboard.Be Careful not damage the key.

Step 3: Pull Out the Wire and Cleaning the Inside

Picture of Pull Out the Wire and Cleaning the Inside

Pull the wire from key.
Now, break that round thing with plier and other plastic which is inside.

Step 4: Mixing the Epoxy

Picture of Mixing the Epoxy

Mix the Epoxy till it is fully black.
Just apply it as fastest as possible.
Otherwise if you go slow , it will get hard and it will be wasted and if you half-way appling epoxy to usb and key then it is worse.

Step 5: Put the Epoxy

Picture of Put the Epoxy

First Put the Epoxy Acording the height you want your usb drive to be. Then Epoxy the remaning part.
It was a Hard time having a Flat surface at the end.

Step 6: Final Product

Picture of Final Product

A Shiny and Good Looking Usb Drive.
Now Impress Your Friends Also By Making Custom Cases ;)


Akdil made it! (author)2014-04-03

Thanks a lot for this nice idea, I saved my USB key thanks to you.

Ayush Sharma (author)Akdil2014-04-22

Your Welcome, :)

Ayush Sharma (author)2014-02-05

I Used cutter but it gave me a rugged Surface.

sperky69 (author)2014-02-04

razor blade for flatter surface while still pliable. I may use this one. thx

Ayush Sharma (author)2014-02-04


rawknmusician91 (author)2014-02-04

Very cool and simple design. Keep up the good work.

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