This is how I fixed my shift cable when my links came loose. What happened was I shifted HARD out of 1st gear, and into 2nd gear. This caused my link to tear. After that happened, I couldn't sleep, and brainstormed all night about how to fix my cable (since I couldn't my car!). I was thinking of creating a metal bracket, but I have no skills in that area. So I used cable ties! And found the perfect ones at Lowes.

I fixed this with on my car probably back in July? It's now December and everything is working great.

This was specifically done on my 88 Toyota MR2.

Step 1: Supplies

You'll need:
Mounting cable ties (less than 4 bucks at Lowes).
A side cutter (or strong shears) to cut the excess plastic from the cable ties.
How's she holding up?
I love those cars, nice work :)

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