Picture of Shimano 7speed Integrated Lever Repair
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Step 1: Get Rid Of The Nasty

Picture of Get Rid Of The Nasty
After a few years bike hand grips get pretty stuck on. The first step to repairing your shifters is to remove these grimy cesspools of sweaty palm. Easiest way to remove them is by cutting them off

Step 2: Cut All Ties

Picture of Cut All Ties
Cables need to be changed frequently so if your cables are a couple years old just snip them. A new cable set will do wonders for your bike.

Step 3: Loosen Da Bolt

Picture of Loosen Da Bolt
A 3-way Allen thingie is my favorite bike tool ever

Step 4: Remove Barrel Adjuster

Picture of Remove Barrel Adjuster

Step 5: Unscrew The Screw On The Bottom

Picture of Unscrew The Screw On The Bottom

Step 6: Remove The Plastic Shell

Picture of Remove The Plastic Shell
These shifters are dumb because the function of the shifter is completely dependent on the integrity of the plastic body. This one is clearly cracked. Something must be done

Step 7: Crack Kills

Picture of Crack Kills
The functionality of your wonderful vintage integrated shift/brake levers.

Step 8: Mix Up Some JB!

Picture of Mix Up Some JB!
13, 6:58 PM.jpg
This time we'll fix the plastic with some of this awesomesauce. Sorry I don't have a picture of it all gooped up. Didn't wanna get my phone dirty.

Step 9: Now Onto The Big Problem!

Picture of Now Onto The Big Problem!
The pall seen in this picture near the index finger of the hand model, is frozen. It is not engaging the notches at all and the spring is ineffective.

Step 10: The Only Place To Use WD-40 On A Bicycle

Picture of The Only Place To Use WD-40 On A Bicycle
The magic that is WD-40 is mostly bad for most bike things. This is one exception. It will help loosen everything in the shifting mech. Play with it a lot until everything works crisply.

Step 11: Done Dun Dun!

Picture of Done Dun Dun!
Put it all back together and you've got a nice newly maintained shifter!
simsons1 year ago
i dismantled mine after it had refused to operate and i don't know how to fix it back. could you help me on this.
zralla2 years ago
I've been doing this a lot of times , on many shifters of various years, it usually works !

I suggest using a toothpick to move the frozen parts.
criggie2 years ago
How tall is this bike's rider? I have an ongoing problem with bending the seat pole just where it enters the frame... mostly because I'm 195 cm tall and long in the leg. How does this bike not bend its seat stem ?
Coolest paint job ever!