Reworked Kitchen Knife





Introduction: Reworked Kitchen Knife

This is another knife I made, again with all salvaged materials, minus the rivets. I have not yet made a sheath, just the sleeve. I just don't know if i want to put in the effort a sheath takes, I am not sure how much I like it. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, also, I love comments!



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    I'm making a nice dagger at the moment, but there is no excess metal protruding from it for me to make a handle (dagger is made from salvaged materials :D). How can I make a handle? In other words, I only have the blade part and I need a handle.

    I posted an instructable. Check it out!

    please make a instructable seriously show us how to make that, go get another old knife and make that

    so, how did you reshape it?

    With a Dremel, hacksaw, and files.

    Did you by the blade? Is this just a showoff to adding leather around a knife handle?

    No, the blade is made from an old kitchen knife, but I did extensive work on it, changed the shape, and added a new edge.

    most obvious question, what did you use to make it?

    Nice work. Though, im not sure i would want to get close enough to a zombie to stab it. Im gonna stick with a sword.