Here is an earring design that has no limits. You can make the earring frame as big as you want and use any size of bicones or beads you prefer. 

Materials & Tools:
2 ear wires
10 x 4mm bicone crystals
1mm (18 ga) copper wire
0.32mm (28 ga) copper wire
round nose pliers
wire cutter
mandrel or any rounded object

Step 1:

Picture of
Take a round object and wrap the 1mm (18 ga) wire. After wrapping and creating a perfect circle, make a loop on one end of the wire to serve as your bail.
jumpingpea3 years ago
just followed along, made a pair in no time. Thanks, good teaching.
diylesson (author)  jumpingpea3 years ago
That's nice to hear jumpingpea :D Glad the tutorial helped!
Neon Panda3 years ago
Great tutorial, Thanks : )