Today I finished a set of three shiny DIY magnets (featuring pictures of windows from various places in the world) based on a tutorial I found on the How About Orange blog and they are adorable! (I also saw an alternate version by Ambrosia Girl with instructions to make tiny Polaroid magnets.) Now that I know how easy they are I plan to make them as gifts for all of my friends. Since my method was slightly different than the tutorials I followed, I took the liberty of photographing things as I went along this time! Pictures after the jump.

Step 1: Step 1

1. I used a postcard that I got from Ikea last year to make my magnets. I used tacky glue to stick the whole thing down on to a piece of chip board. (You can use whatever glue you like best!)
How many coats?
I used four coats because I wanted them to be very shiny and I wasn't sure that one or two coats would do the trick. But it all depends on the quality of your product!

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