Shiny Gem Earrings





Introduction: Shiny Gem Earrings

Inspired by designer Mark Montano, these shiny gem earrings are a real jewel to make!

Step 1: Materials

To make these easy earrings, you will need...

  • flat back rhinestones (these work best for this project; you can use any color that you want; I'm using red)

  • bobby pins (I bought mine from the Dollar Store for only $1.50)

  • E6000 or hot glue gun

  • jewelry jump rings

  • earring hooks

  • jewelry pliers

  • Optional: earring back posts and findings

Step 2: Make Earrings Part 1

First, glue a few bobby pins to the back of your flat back earrings. I used 5 of them. Glue one more bobby pin on top, making sure that it extends out on top. This is where you'll be looping the jump ring and earring hook.

Once you've done that, glue another rhinestone on top so that the bobby pins are sandwiched in the middle.

You can use E6000 or a glue gun. If you plan on using a glue gun, make sure that you clean up any dried up residue on your earrings. There's nothing wrong with a mess, but an earring with messy dried up glue is not really that stylish!

Step 3: Make Earrings Part 2

Open up a jump ring and thread it through the top hole of the bobby pin. Add an earring hook on top, close up the jump ring and you're done!

Step 4: Shine On!

You can also make smaller rhinestone earrings by simply gluing an earring post to the back of your gems. Now, you're ready to shine in style with these perfectly color gems!



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Wow! Great job! Thank you so much for giving me credit, too. I appreciate it.

Pretty cool! If you wanted to make it less obvious that you used bobby pins, you could even cut off the rounded tips.

vary cool will have to give this a shot with some cracked glass beads I made.