Ship in a Bottle





Introduction: Ship in a Bottle

In this instructable we will be making a ship in a bottle.
I was looking for stuff to do and i found out ho to make a VERY EASY ship in a bottle.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Heres a list of what you'll need-

- small piece of paper (i used leather)
-three quarters of a tooth pick
-the tip of a tooth pick
-a cork
-a bottle(sorry i could not show)

Step 2: Making the Flag Pole and Front

Take the three quarter tooth pick and put it in the middle of the cork.
Now take the little one and put it on the front of the cork.

Step 3: Putting the Flag On

To put the flag on you fold the paper in half and make
a hole at the end.Now you open it up and put it on the big tooth pick.

Step 4: Preparing the Bottle

To prepare the bottle you take of the cap and replace with a cork(optional),cut the end off with
scissors and set a side (you'll need it later).

Step 5: Putting the Ship In

Now you slide the ship in your bottle.(you may want to glue).Now you glue the end back on.
Now your done! Enjoy!



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    How do I get the ship in my bottle? and then glue it in the center with my fat, large, non nimble fingers? This is an awesome topic. I would love to do this.

    If you Look on step 4 and 5,it shows how to put your ship in but all you have to do is cut of the end of your bottle and put glue on the bottom of the cork and slide it in . Then you glue the end of the bottle back on. -carsoncool

    That's clever! It's a cute ship.

    I started this site yesterday and im new so send me a patch!