Hello everyone! I started my craft hobby building papercraft models. The reason is that it uses the easiest to find, flexible, and cheap material – paper. Another reason is that most of papercraft’s blueprint or template can be obtain online for free. And with paper, you can replicate your model as many as you can; so you don’t have to worry about messing up your first build.

Today I’m going to share with you guys how to make a miniature shipping container model out of paper. Well, not the ordinary printing paper but I use mounting board, a sort of card stock with a thickness of 1mm. To make the model useful I turned it into a tissue box cover. Hence the name Shipping Container Tissue Box.

I have to say the design was based on Shipping Containers by lasercutcard. They sell tabletop wargames accessories using laser-cut card stock. You can check them out here.

I draw my own template to fit in the tissue box’s size where you can download it in the next few steps.

Step 1: ​Gather Your Materials and Tools


  • Mounting Board/Display Board.

- It’s a great material to work with; not too thick nor too thin, easily cut and fold, and stick nicely with PVA glue. I pick a black-colored board with an inner white side for this project. The black side will be the inner side instead, so that I can paint onto the white surface.


  • Craft knife/X-acto knife/cutting mat.
  • White PVA Glue.
  • The usual tools – marker pen/ruler etc.
  • Paint and brushes – I use two types of paints for this project; a water based craft paint and acrylic paint tubes. Same goes with brushes, I use a mix of paint brush and sponge brush to do the job.
  • Leather Hole Punch (optional) – this is for punching the small holes. Not necessarily to have but it’ll make your life much easier.
<p>What a great instructable! hope you win the contest! thanks for sharing by the way!</p>
Thank you very much for your support! =)
<p>Thank you for your kind consideration. Most appreciated. This will blow my wife's mind not to mention all of those in Card Stock/Paper Modeling. I have several friends who will also enjoy this, after I make it for them. What a perfect way to camouflage a everyday item we all use. Thank you and looking forward to your post. wc</p>
<p>No problem at all. I do agree that the final rust effect might pose as a challenge to some. I can remodel the design so that anyone can print it on hard paper (180gsm/200gsm) and it comes printed with color, logo, rust and all. But I might make it smaller, perhaps suitable for pocket size tissue. And I would not update it on this page but I'll create a new Instructables on it instead. So, stay tune! =)</p>
<p>I should be grateful but as I'm a artist and have a hard time drawing a straight line I will have to let this project go by. It's a good one but for us who can't draw it might have been nicer to allow us to down load the box parts all panted even with the rust. But thank you all the same. wc</p>
Hi, thanks for your suggestion. That's one good idea. I'll see what I can do to make a template inclusive the logo, rust and all. =)
Will make it in weekend.
Can't wait to see the finished product. =)
<p>This is brilliant! :D :D :D</p>
Thank you. =)<br>
This is such a great idea. I love miniatures and models but I hardly find the way to make them useful.
<p>Thanks! I like miniatures too. And yes it is hard to make them useful except for display. </p>
Voted for you!
Thanks! =)
<p>Them tissues are huuuuge</p>
Lol :D
<p>I thought this was a real shipping crate (which is stupid because shipping crates are huge)! Love it!!</p>
<p>Haha..thanks! I've wanted to make it more realistic with lockrods, handle and everything but probably for the next project.</p>
<p>Nice rust effect!</p>
<p>Thanks! =)</p>
It looks really good. The rust effect makes it 'come to life'. <br>The tissue box idea is very clever - I often make things that get forgotten because they don't have any practical use.<br>Maybe you could sell it to the Maersk company as 'Corporate Art'?
Thank you! I do like making things that serves as dual-purpose. Because I only need to work on a single project instead of two. Lol
<p>These are great techniques, and the finished results are excellent! Very well done :)</p>
Thank you Sam =)<br>

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