Shipping Container House Model


Introduction: Shipping Container House Model

A while ago i thought it would be cool to design a possible future house that was almost modular using shipping containers. Maybe a couple of thousand each for a shipping container. The project would probably use four shipping containers. However with it being almost modular you could have less or more depending on the size you want with the possibility of adding more later. To make the design eco friendly grey water (from washing up and showering) to flush the toilet and install photovoltaic cells on the roof along with solar panels. Possible water collection for watering a garden or again using to flush a toilet.

Step 1: Files

Download the files below to view the design in 3D. However these are working drawing and aren't yet complete I may complete them in a few years and upload them then. You may make any changes you wish, if you do please contact me i would like to see what others think. These have the correct sizes of a 40ft shipping container.

Step 2: Rooms

In one room there would be a workshop. That is the long bench you can see down the left hand side of the downstairs wall. This would be for making project enclosures and the "projects" themselves. This is a hobby of mine as I am fascinated by electronics and mechanics. This could also be referred to as a hobby room where someone can do their hobbies.
The room next to the workshop, probably separated by a partition would be the kitchen/ dining room, these can vary in size depending on the preferences of the owner. I would prefer a larger kitchen than dining room.
Upstairs would be a sitting room and bedroom in one container.  With either a single or double bed depending on preference. 
In the other container would be an office, an en suite to the bedroom and possibly a guest  bedroom.   

Step 3: More

More rooms could be added with extra shipping containers stacked on top or to the side. Please make any changes and message me with other rooms that could be added i would like to know. If some one would i would love to see a scale model of the design but check sizes first. 



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    sorry , dont get that wrong, i realy wish you all the luck, abraso

    hope all your skills have developt since good luck

    a pitty that your version is newer than mine, would have liked to see details, praktikal, to go and buy me two 20 shipping containers. Thanks for imagening oneself as moveable. if drawings turn as somewhat usefull, i hope to remember to send you some. Do you live near to the sea? greetings tkk

    i only have access to a mac so im having trouble downloading can someone help me out?