Introduction: Shirt Designing: Gyarados

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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need

: Permanent acrylic paint(Colors shown in pic) Paintbrushes(the smaller the better) Pencil A picture of what your painting A blank shirt

Step 2: Outlining With Pencil

Picture of Outlining With Pencil

I found a nice picture of gyarados and started from the top head and continued down, then cut a piece of the very of the tail at the bottom, making the Pokemon look as if it was around me....;)

Step 3: Painting the Outlines

Picture of Painting the Outlines

Paint the outlines with thin paintbrush and stroke smoothly and carefully!

Step 4: Color the Head

Picture of Color the Head

i mixed some colors to make the: The pink tongue The greenish crown The bluish fins

Step 5: Add Finishing Touches

Picture of Add Finishing Touches

Fill in any small blank spaces otherwise people will think its not cool and there you are Enjoy ;)


hockey-puck (author)2013-08-03


freely dandelion (author)2013-08-03

so cool

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