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Introduction: Shirt Pillow

About: i'm a mother of two wonderful kids, a wife. and like making things from stuff around the house.
this was a shirt my daughter loved and could no longer wear. so instead of giving it away or trashing it, i decided to make it into a pillow. my daughter loves it and it is now on her bed.

Step 1:

find and old t-shirt you no longer wear, make sure it is clean and dry.

Step 2:

turn shirt wrong side out, the sleeves need to be cut off then sewn closed also sew the neck opening closed.

Step 3:

then turn the shirt back the other way. the bottom of the shirt should be open.

Step 4:

now stuff the shirt with stuffing from a hobby store or other place that sales sewing or crafting material.

last tuck the tail of the shirt in so it looks like a hem, and sew it closed.



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    That's cute :) Did you take any progress photos while you were making it?