Shirt Pocket for A Pocketless Shirt - Welt Style

My husband hates shirts without a pocket. so over the years he has accumulated numerous shirts from different events that he's worn once maybe twice... so for my summer project I decided to learn how to insert a "Welt Style"  pocket so these like new shirts can get some use. This may not be the "proper" way but it works for me.

(I have views of several shirts I picked the best pictures.)

All the fabric I have used were scrapes from other projects, these fabrics either complimented or were a contrasting fabric.

Pocket-less Shirts
Fabric for the pocket (needs to be strong enough to hold up to everyday use)
Complimentary fabric for the welt
Paper to make patterns (graph paper would be good)
Sewing machine /threads etc..

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Thank you for this. I, too, am a guy who has many shirts I "cannot" wear because they have no pocket. *This* ible will make a difference.
Thanks! I like taking off my glasses and this is a great way to practice making welt pockets before making more formal tailored things with welts including buttonholes. Have you done any woven fabrics or just knits and if so has there been much of a difference in results?
thanks again.
walkerbarb (author)  mz anne thrope4 years ago
Glad you liked it... so far all the shirts have been knits... it sure has given my husband plenty of shirts to wear....