Step 8: Finishing

To begin the finishing touches, sew the top of welt to the top of  pocket inside .(First picture  is red to red, second picture gray to gray.

Then bring to other end of pocket to sew  to the bottom of welt.
After the top and bottom are sewn then  you'll  sew the sides of the pockets
Sew from  top to bottom of one side then the other and your pocket is done. (see pictures)
Then  the pocket-less shirt is no more....
Thank you for this. I, too, am a guy who has many shirts I &quot;cannot&quot; wear because they have no pocket. *This* ible will make a difference. <br>Indebted.
Thanks! I like taking off my glasses and this is a great way to practice making welt pockets before making more formal tailored things with welts including buttonholes. Have you done any woven fabrics or just knits and if so has there been much of a difference in results?<br>thanks again.
Glad you liked it... so far all the shirts have been knits... it sure has given my husband plenty of shirts to wear....

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