Demonstrating Shivering Quarters in Dry Ice





Introduction: Demonstrating Shivering Quarters in Dry Ice

When a quarter in pushed into dry ice, a strange thing happens. The quarter starts to quiver. It is a normal room temperature quarter. I did nothing to the quarter. This is not a trick but really


1. Handle the dry ice with protective gloves.



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Quarter is acting like a heatsink.  Side in contact with the ice vaporizes the ice pushing the quarter away.

it the Leiden frost effect for quarters!

its a thermal expansion, when the quarter is cooled on the side that touches the ice, it bends pushing ti to the other side of the slot, then cooling that side, the process repeats.

how could you torture those inocent quarters like that. EVIL! just kidding! its cool.

get it? cool. HA HA HA!

poor quarters are cold.... but awsome. figure out how to do it with a dllar and we'll give you a cookie! great isntructable

Just use a silver dollar..........can I have my cookie?


old george washington's cold thats all!

Same effect with a spoon bouncing on dry ice, the quarter is much warmer than the ice and makes it go from solid to gas and the expanding matter pushes the quarter off the side of the side of the ice and this happens repeatedly on each side so it goes back and forth.

the atom particles are getting cold! so they shiver , just like humans